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About Us


My name is Lindsay and I'm the creator of Cozy Light Candle Co. To give you a little background, I've always been a creator at heart and lover/collector of good smelling candles. My whole life you could always find me in the process of making - whether it was crafting, paintings, knitting, etc. As I got older my love (ok, obsession) for candles became apparent and it wasn't until one day my mother asked me "Lindsay, why haven't you tried making your OWN candles?" Let me tell you, that was a lightbulb moment that I couldn't believe I never thought of, but am so glad she sparked! Off to the supply store we went to stock up on supples and start my new adventure...

It was October of 2015 when I started this process of experimenting my own line of candles. After researching, and learning how many toxins most candles emit into the home and environment, I decided to find a safer alternative and that led me to natural soy wax without using dyes or additives. After MUCH experimentation (I'm talking many failures to get that perfect formula), time, and hard work, Cozy Light Candle Co. was born!  Each candle is handcrafted right in my home which started out in the kitchen, but once the business grew and started taking over my living space, I knew it was time to create a space in the basement and that has become my candle workshop.

Fast forward to 2019, when I met my now husband, Joe, who was instantly my biggest fan and supporter. He had no hesitation diving right in to the business to learn everything he could about candle making. His interest and passion for wanting Cozy Light to thrive was something I didn't know at the time I needed, but soon realized I couldn't do without him. He is now my partner in crime and master of the candle workshop and doesn't hesitate to make a batch of candles at 1am if need be :)

Cozy Light is meant to be a feeling. We strive to make our line of candles and fragrances to feel warm and cozy with a hint of nostalgia, just as we expect a great candle to make a person feel. This little business of mine has quite literally lit a flame inside me and we're excited to continue following our passion of creating these products to share! 

love and light,  

Lindsay + Joe