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My passion for creativity and love of natural and safe products has led me on this journey of crafting my line of soy candles. 

I've always had a love (ok, obsession) for candles, but when I realized how many toxins they were emitting into my home and environment, I decided to find a safer alternative. In October of 2015, I started learning how to create my own soy candles, and after MUCH experimentation, time, and hard work, Cozy Light Candle Co. was born! Each candle is handcrafted right in my home with great care and precision.

I wanted my line to feel warm , cozy, with a hint of nostalgia, just as I expect a great candle to make a person feel. This little business of mine has quite literally lit a flame inside me (...pun intended) and I'm excited to continue following my passion of creating these products to share!